Play now Crazy Hole No 7 and win your opponents golf palls

Crazy Hole No 7 Gamecard
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 Crazy Hole No 7 is an easy side bet game during your round of golf.


Rules and objectives

Your objective is to win up to 10 golf balls of each opponent. The Game starts with your golf round and is over when a player has reached ten points on the scale, or ( if nobody accomplishes ) at the end of the golf round.  The lowest HCP records his points on row 1 (professor), second lowest HCP on row 2 and so on.

When the game is over its settled up and the winner can take from each opponent the amount of balls referring to the number of points he is leading (example: Player 1 has 8 points, player 2 has 5 points,  player 3 has 4 points: so player 1 can take 3 balls from P2 and 4 from P3). Only the winner gets balls and he takes them by blind grabbing the balls out of the losers bags (do not fob the winner off with your cheapest balls). There are points to be made only on specific holes and points you can make at any hole.


Points you can win at specific holes:

(Mark these holes in advance on your score card)

Hole No 1: Best score wins 1 point.  If 2 or more players share the lead, they carry it on until one player scores better than the other(s).

Longest Par 5 on your course : Longest Drive wins 2 points

Every Par 3: Nearest to the Pin wins 1 point (ball must be on green)

Crazy Hole No. 7: Green in regulation wins 2 points. Best score wins 2 points. If 2 or more leaders have equal strikes, they carry it on until one player scores better than the other(s). On Hole No. 7 bogeys lose 1 point, double bogeys or worse scores lose 2 points (if you have no points, you can’t go minus)


Points you can win at any hole:

5 Pars in a row: 2 points (birdies & eagles count as par)

Any points earned as described below get 1 point extra, if it’s done on Crazy Hole No 7

First Birdie of all players: 2 points  (even if 2 players play Birdie at same hole, its meant only the first one)

All later on played birdies get 1 point

Back to Back Birdie: 1 point (note that the 2 birdies itself got each 1 point-so you earn here in total 3 points+1 more if hole 7 was involved)

Chip-in from outside of the green: 1 point

Any Eagle: 3 points

Hitting the flagstick from 50 yards or more: 1 point 

Sand saves: 1 point

Green hits from fairway bunkers from minimum 120 yards : 1 point

Hole in one: 10 points -sudden death & game over!

Feel free to adjust or change the rules to your course and your own preferences (e.g. consider giving high HCPs start points extra. Give an extra trophy for HIO).


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